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Congratulations and Thank you Rob and Amber. Watching "Survivor All-Stars" with my wife Sarah and our children Louie and Caroline has been a big thrill. Thanks for all of the great entertainment. Best wishes to the two of you. Please say hello to "Uncle Lino" for me. He's taken good care of my family. Take care.

Gary, Sarah, Louie, and Caroline Titus 

Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing over 300 different celebrities.
Here are a Few of my favorites.
George Burns is without a doubt the best interview I ever got. To hear him tell stories about his many years in show business and about his love for his wife Gracie was truely a very memorable afternoon for me. By the way, when he first walked into the room, the very first thing that we saw coming around the corner was his trademark cigar..........

Sammy Davis Jr. was in a rare mood the morning that I interviewed him on Cape Cod. I asked him a question about how he and his gang got the handle "The Rat Pack", he shot back very quickly, "from you guys, the press", like it was my fault. When I looked stunned by his answer, he lightened up very quickly and the rest of the interview went very smooth.

Tony Bennett called me his "Pizanne", I liked that. Tony says that his favorite singer is Frank Sinatra. It's a flip of the coin between Tony & Frank for me.
While I was working as the afternoon drive announcer at WBET in Brockton, MA, Senator Edward Kennedy was there to do an interview with the news department. As he was walking past my studio I asked him to come on the air with me. I almost lost my job because of it, but it was worth the risk.
Englebert Humperdink spent as much time as we needed to do an interview. He was a lot of fun. He also sings one of my favorite songs, "This moment in time". He told the story of the man who wrote this song on his death bed

Boston Red Sox announcer Sherm Feller was one of a kind, and a very good friend to my family and I. I could spend hours listening to his stories about schmoozing with the likes of Sinatra and Gleason. Visit his website and share your memories. www.ShermFeller.com

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