DJ Gary Titus

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Congratulations Philip & Sabrina

Dear Gary,

I cannot possibly thank you enough for the outstanding, exceptional, spectacular event you put on for us Sunday evening!!!!!!!!

You are a gentleman, wonderful to work with - flexible, open, and yet ready with terrific suggestions the minute you sense we need them - and fully ready to just take over when that is the right thing to happen.

Philip told me that the one thing he feared was having a "boring wedding" (not to him, but to guests!). Each time he looked at the dance floor he was delighted all over again! Sabrina was thrilled that so many people were motivated by the terrific music to dance, yet the volume level allowed the "sitters" to have conversations at a comfortable volume as well. You really did such a great job for us from start to finish! 

Thank you so very much!

Ellen Rothberg - Spring Valley CC - July 3rd, 2011


Congratulations Thomas & Dawn 

Dear Gary,

Thank you for making our wedding reception such an unforgettable event! 

We knew the first time we talked with you on the phone that you were the right DJ for us.  If you remember it was only a matter of price that kept us from hiring you right away.  In the end it was your professionalism, sense of humor, and regard for family that convinced us that you were exactly what we wanted in our DJ.  Looking back now we’re so glad we decided to adjust our budget.  It was definitely worth every penny. 

We honestly can’t begin to describe what a wonderful evening we all had celebrating with you.  Family and friends are still calling us to express (in English and in German) what a great time they had listening to your wonderful selection of English/German music, answering Bride & Groom trivia questions, playing Wedding I-SPY and dancing the night away!  Everyone…despite the wide range in ages, despite the many different tastes in music and despite the fact that some guests didn’t understand English fluently everyone had a blast!  Anyone who can get such a group of people up on the dance floor to do the Cha-Cha Slide deserves a round of applause!

            The only thing left to say now is although we think you’re the best DJ we’ve ever met, apparently we are not your biggest fans… our nieces and nephews are adamantly claiming that role!  They continue to tell us over and over again what fun they had with ‘Gary the DJ’ at our wedding.   You definitely made a huge impression and there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing you at another event in the hopefully not too distant future.

Again, Gary, thank you so much for being the DJ at our wedding. 


Thomas & Dawn Belhustede


Wendy and Tom Murray - The Red Lion Inn

Awesome, fun, great!
All of our guests said Gary was the best DJ, Master of Ceremonies they have ever seen.
We had quite the mix of ages and Gary played to them all. He got everyone involved with his assortment of music, not once was the dance floor empty. No one wanted the reception to end!
Gary is a great person let alone DJ; his cheerful, fun, and sincere personality was infectious. He made everyone smile, laugh, dance, and have a great time.
Gary was also very accomodating and helpful in the planning process. He has a very calming presence. The suggestions he gave us for music was great but he also helped in planning the flow of the ceremony. He assured us not to be worried, even if something didn't go as planned, everything was going to be great and it was! Gary was awesome, I would highly recommend him for any event. He played everything we asked from him and nothing that we didnt want. He had everyone on the dance floor the entire time. Something I have hardly seen at other weddings. I cant begin to praise him enough on the job he did for us at our wedding.

Congratulations Amy & Mike

Blue Hill Country Club

Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for making Amy & Mike's wedding reception truly a party! Everyone had a great time. The music was perfect. Your involvement with the guests was perfect. We knew from meeting you and viewing your website that you were the man for us, and you did not disappoint.


Ty & Beth Bourguignon


Congratulations Elizabeth & Christopher Jackson

The Coonammesset Inn

Dear Gary,

How can we ever begin to thank you for the amazing job you did at our wedding this past August 5th?? It is honestly hard to find the words. You by far exceeded any and all expectations we had for the day.  The music selection you put together was outstanding. Everyone at our wedding – from grandparents to three year old children – loved the music!!  We were amazed, and thrilled, to see that the dance floor was full for every single song.

We must tell you that when we first planned our wedding, and decided on a day wedding instead of a night one, that our biggest concern was the dancing. All we’d ever heard was that it is much more “difficult” to get people to dance at a wedding during the day. We think that our wedding dispelled that myth!! More people danced at our wedding than just about any other wedding we’ve been to. Your ability to get people excited and on the dance floor is fabulous!

Now we only wish that some of our friends would hurry up and get married so we could tell them (force them) all to hire you!!! We’d love to see you again someday at one (or more) of their weddings. Believe us when we tell you that you are without a doubt our number one recommendation for a DJ.  My guests also commented on what a wonderful job you did, and I’m sure that they will spread your name around as well.

So once again, our most heartfelt thanks go out to you. You are amazing at what you do and are also one of the most patient, caring, understanding people we dealt with while planning our wedding. You helped to make our day the special day it was, and for that, we will be forever grateful.

With our warmest regards,

Elizabeth & Christopher Jackson


Congratulations Kristen & Sean O'Brien

Belle Mer in Newport

Hi Gary,

Back to reality! I just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful job you did at the wedding. Our venue could have been difficult to have such a successful wedding, being half outdoors and all. But of course you got everyone up and dancing. We were just so pleased! It was no surprise though after such a fabulous job you did for my sister!

We didn’t even think twice about whom to have play at our wedding. Thanks so much for being apart of our day. We’ll never forget it!

Take care



Congratulations Kolleen and Bill Jailet

Mosley's on the Charles

Dear Gary:

My husband Bill and I can not thank you enough for the wonderful job you did at our wedding.  We are still getting calls from people saying how great you were, and how much FUN they had because of the music.  Several friends are getting married and we are happy to recommend you to them.....You Made our day very special and we are very grateful for all you did.

Thanks Again

Kolleen & Bill Jaillet


Congratulations Lynne and Craig Standish

Atlantica in Cohasset

Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so special. We had an amazing time and your services were perfect! Your announcing was great and the music selection was exactly what we wanted. We'll be sure to give your name to everyone we know! Thanks again! Great job!!


Lynne and Craig Standish


Congratulations Kim & Brian Watson

Easton Country Club

Hi Gary,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for and awesome reception.  Picking a DJ for a wedding is one of the most stressful tasks. It's hard to know how good a DJ is until you see him perform. I picked my venders based on my instincts. The reason why I chose you had nothing to do with the video you showed me or anything we talked about the day we met. I chose you for no other reason than I could tell how much love you had for your family.
During wedding planning I wondered if I made the right decision. My choice was validated many times by other vendors. The caterer and photographer were excited when they found out that they were working with you. Considering I first got your name from a videographer I was pretty sure you would have no trouble getting along with vendors.
Now here it is three days before the wedding and I still haven't been in touch with you. I didn't send in my paper work that was due two weeks before the wedding. It wasn't until we started talking that I realized how far behind I was. You were able to calm me down and help me focus on what I needed to do.
As a bride on her wedding day there is no other option but to let go and hope that the decisions you made were the right ones. What you gave me was so much more than I could have hoped for. My wedding day to me was all about love. Not just me and Brian but my family and friends too. You were able to pick up on that right away.
You took care of everything. When it was time to give away the center pieces you thought of my Grammy. When I had too many request you found away to fix it so I would be happy and my guest wouldn't be bored. The dance floor was packed the whole night. Who would believe that at any given time you would see my 8 year old niece on the dance floor at the same time as my 82 year old grandmother. If anyone questions that I have the pictures to prove it.
When it was all done and you said good bye I was reminded of why I picked you in the first place. My reception was filled with love. I know that a lot of that comes from my family and friends but you were the one who brought it out.
I know I've put a lot into this e-mail but it's important to me that you know how thankful we are. Not just me but my whole family. I know how stressful it is to pick a wedding DJ and I thought if I could give just a few examples of the things you did for us than others would know not to doubt there decision. If there is anything we can do for you let us know. Please feel free to use my name any time.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Kim & Brian Watson